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  Malibu/Bel-Air Republican Women Federated

The Malibu/Bel-Air Republican Women Federated (MBA-RWF) provides an avenue of political involvement for women who share the Republican philosophy. We possess a unique mixture of older and younger members who together, provide a winning combination of experience and innovation. Our vast membership numbers, national network and strong finances allow us to exercise independence over our programs and projects. We are indeed a unique organization.

MBA-RWF is affiliated with the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) the largest all-women political organization in the world! Our strength comes from diversity of opinion, culture and experience and our power from our grassroots political activism.

MBA-RWF continues to build a better tomorrow by offering women in California an active organization in which to participate, as volunteers or professionals, at every level of government.

Co-Presidents Victoria Davis;
Gigi Becker
First Vice Presidents-Programs Lorraine Mabbett;
Marilyn Mabbett;
Katy Wright
Second Vice President Laura Borda  
Third Vice President-Ways and Means Sally Zamarin  
Recording Secretary Dianelle Lacy
Hospitality Rosemarie Idhe
Newsletter Editors